New on the Horizon

Have you gotten tired of me being super vague and wishy-washy when it comes to these transitions I’ve been talking about the past few weeks?  Yes?

Good.  I have too. New on the Horizon | Life Healthfully Lived Continue reading


The Struggle for Balance + Meal Planning/Prepping

Hello and Happy Monday!

You know what’s hard?  Balance.  Not just the standing in an upright position and not falling, although that can be a struggle sometimes, but life balance.  Making sure I have enough of everything and that everything I want to do gets accomplished.

Especially right now. The Struggle for Balance & Meal Prepping/Planning | Life Healthfully Lived Continue reading

Spanish Olive & Tomato Soup

I was going to call this Spanish Taco Soup but my husband quickly pointed out that they don’t eat tacos in Spain.  In fact, tortilla in Spain is an ENTIRELY different thing than tortilla in Mexico.  The Spanish version is more akin to a frittata than the corn/flour tortillas you find South of the border. Spanish Olive & Tomato Soup | Life Healthfully Lived Continue reading