Food Will Kill You

“All things are poison and nothing is without poison. The dose alone decides…” -Paracelsus

Yes. You read that correctly. The food you eat will kill you, and not just the junk food either. By now you’re thinking to yourself, “She said in her first post she was going to make nutrition easy to understand. Then she defended food and now she is saying it will kill me. This isn’t helping me.” I do not mean that eating a salad will somehow put you in the morgue, but I do mean eating large amounts of any food can be dangerous. The old saying too much of a good thing can be a bad thing holds true when it comes to eating food. Too much can and will end up hurting you.

“But Katie, you don’t understand. I eat only the best organic whole food out there.” Organic food has long been touted as the holy grail of eating well, conjuring up images of beautiful fruits and vegetables in gorgeous fields that have been untouched by evil pesticides. And at one time, this might have been true. But as time and society has gone on, big industry has slowly started to wrap their talons around the organic sector of food. With the growing popularity of organic foods, large food companies began to see it as a new source of money, which they have been capitalizing on ever since.

Organic food is becoming increasingly similar to non-organic food in terms of how they are grown and fertilized. The Sins of Organic, from Dangerously, explains in depth how foods with the “Organic” label might not necessarily be the best option when it comes to eating well. I know this all seems like a doom and gloom post. I have told you that food, a necessity that you must consume every day, will kill you. Then I tell you that organic food, which should be as close to nature as possible therefore as healthy as possible, is not the route to go. Where is the light at the end of this bleak tunnel? The answer is actually a lot closer to home than you might think.

Small farms have been tossed by the wayside and forgotten as bigger and bigger farms and factories take over the market place. But eating and buying locally grown food can be the key to eating and living better. Research has shown time and again that local food helps to boost bothyour health and the health of the economy. Although most local or small farmers are not USDA organic approved, that might be a good thing. The lengths that organic approved farms must take to ensure their product is as “organic” as possible cause those farms to create produce that can be harmful to you. Dangerously Hardcore goes into some of the science behind this concept (so actually read that post I linked!) and it is a little disturbing. Why do I want to eat a vegetable that has more carcinogens than I can pronounce? On the other hand, local farmers who don’t have to meet certain standard are free to grow food in a less harmful way giving you better food to eat which in turn means a better you.

Endorsing your local farmer’s market can also bolster the local economy, which is a win-win situation for everyone and can help turn the tides of the food industry. You the consumer hold the most power, not the huge corporations pumping out so many food products trying to turn a profit. Where you choose to spend your hard earned money decides who has the power to become more successful. Wouldn’t you rather spend your money on the best food, and in turn the best health, possible?

So how can you make this possible? There are so many simple and easy ways to put this idea into motion. In fact here is a great list to get you started. Even something as easy as finding out when your town’s farmers market is held and buying a few veggies there will make a difference. So, if food is going to kill you eventually, don’t you want to eat the best meals possible? Choose locally grown food and spend those meals really enjoying that poison!


2 thoughts on “Food Will Kill You

  1. I always remind my friends and patients that “organic” and “natural” does not make things safe or ok. We still need to use our heads. Cyanide is natural and organic, as are poisonous mushrooms but we definitely shouldn’t eat them. Not trying to be rude or flippant. I completely agree with you that we owe ourselves variety as you say, and shouldn’t get too worried about making sure everything is organic or natural. It’s a great goal, as is growing our own veggies and fruits if possible. I don’t use fertilizers or pesticides, and sure I may have a few homely looking tomatoes, but my stomach doesn’t care. You are doing a great job! Rock on!

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