Your body’s fancy and so is mine

I’m not one to state the obvious, but I am about to do just that with this next sentence. Your body is completely different than mine. Mind-blowing stuff right? But seriously, we all know that each of our bodies are totally unique to us. Sure we all have limbs and faces and organs and what not, but we come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. And that is part of what makes humans so fascinating. It is also what makes nutrition a little more complicated than some would like us to believe. I briefly touched on this topic in one of my posts last week, but I want to go a little further with this idea today.

I mentioned before the emerging science of metabolomics. It is a relatively new field and it is turning some of the long held standards of nutrition on its head. One thing that some studies are showing is that scientists might not have been accurately counting calories in food. Rob Dunn wrote a great article that puts these ideas into simpler terms. But when you stop to think about it for just a minute, this all makes sense. We all know that one person whose stomach is literally a bottomless pit. They can eat and eat and eat and it never seems to affect their weight. Or the person who eats literally one cookie and it goes straight to their face/butt/thighs. We have always chocked it up to a slow or fast metabolism. But what if it’s more? Why should two totally different bodies process food in the exact same manner?

Well more and more research is starting to show that they don’t. Not only are calorie counts perhaps in fluctuation and change, but the way a person digests food is going to vary from person to person. This is absolutely key in nutrition, it is not what you eat it is what you digest. Digestion is where all of your breakdown and absorption of calories (essentially your body’s nutrition absorption) occurs. It is vital that we learn to listen to our bodies and eat in the way that is as unique as our system. And this isn’t just about your digestion being different than say your neighbors; it’s also about it being totally different than a native of another country. It is crazy to think that someone who has lived in say, Japan, their entire lives and eaten fish and seaweed and typical Japanese cuisine can eat and be healthy living on a Western diet, and vice versa. It all has to do with the microbes in our systems and how they break down the food that we eat. Dunn does a great job of explaining these ideas and it is really exciting to think about how we can finally start to get to the heart of what will make our culture a healthier and happier one.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, I truly care for your health. Yes, you. I have lived the unhealthy eat whatever you want life and I was miserable. I had low self-esteem, poor self-image, and a lot of physical ailments. It is not something that I would wish on anyone, which is why I am doing my best to learn all there is possible about nutrition and give you the true facts. I want to help you make the journey into the best health you can have, and while that might be different than the way I live healthy (more on that in a later post) I am willing to work with you! This article really fired me up for all the amazing possibilities of better nutrition and I am going to continue to relate back to it and give you as much information and help as I can. Join me? I promise you’ll love the results!