The 3 Season Diet

I mentioned last week that I was reading a book called The 3-Season Diet by John Douillard.  Well, I have almost finished reading but I thought that I would start talking about it because it has some really great information that I think will help a lot of us battling poor diet/nutrition.  Since I haven’t read the entire book yet I will just share some of his basic ideas about eating and what I have really liked so far.

The basic principle of The 3 Season Diet is very simple: eat what nature provides you.  Back before supermarkets came into existence and you could buy any food at any time of the year, you ate what local farmers grew and harvested.  Douillard breaks the calendar year down into three seasons: spring, summer, and winter.  Each of the three seasons have different crops that are grown and harvested.  Douillard believes this is the food our bodies need and what we should eat.  Each season’s food sets our body up for the next and this optimizes our health.  Douillard also believes that each person has a different body type that relates to a season and we should eat tailored to that season.  Along with eating seasonally, douillard advocates eating a large relaxing meal at the optimal time, which he states is the midday meal.  According to him breakfast and dinner should be supplemental meals to the midday one.

Here are the aspects of this plan that I am really psyched about and think will make a huge difference on our health.

1) Eating seasonally.

When you really start to think about it, this makes a lot of sense.  Why wouldn’t you eat what is currently growing abundant and fresh?  Back when our food supply was driven more by local farms most everyone lived and survived as well as thrived by what was grown and harvested at either their farm or their neighbor’s farm.  By eating this way not only are you eating the freshest food (as opposed to food that has been shipped across the country or possibly the world) you are adding variety to your diet.  And if you remember my Monday post variety is a very good thing for you and your health.

2) Different body types

This is an important aspect of nutrition that often gets overlooked.  No two people will have the exact same dietary needs.  Yet most diets out there are only tailored to one type or another.  This is a big reason that fad diets out there don’t work for the long haul.  I know I advocate clean eating and real food a lot on this blog.  It’s the way I eat and what has worked for me.  While I believe everyone can benefit from cutting out processed, man-made food products, I understand no one will eat exactly the way I do.  And the 3-season diet understands that as well. In the book, Douillard Helps the reader identify what type they are (I’m a winter-spring with a touch of summer) and then explains how to tailor this diet to your needs.

3) Not a diet, but a lifestyle

While the word diet is right in the title, Douillard expresses over and over again this is a way to eat FOR LIFE.  It is a long term plan and one that you can stick with because it is the way that humans have eaten for years, before factories and the food industry started to grow.

Other diets aren’t meant to be followed forever, they each have their time and then you need to move on, which is what the 3-season diet does.  It is a combo of three diets that go along with the crop yield for each season.  Low-fat in the spring when leafy greens and early veggies are beginning to sprout up, high-carb in the summer when there are an abundance of fruits and veggies and you need that energy to get through the long days, and high-protein/good fat in the winter when the fall harvest has been gathered and you need to store energy for the long winter months.  It is this variety that will enable you to eat this way for life.

There are so many more details in this book that I haven’t gone into yet, but I will.  This is a lifestyle that I will definitely start following because I truly believe this is a good way to eat.  While for the most part I try to eat seasonally, I am really going to start implementing these principles into my own life.  And of course I will take my readers along for the ride!

In light of the changing seasons and the rapidly approaching fall, I am going to be trying out some recipes this weekend that include pumpkin and butternut squash.  You’ll have to come back next week to check those out! One may or may not be pancakes… Have a great weekend and see you Monday!