Finishing the RDA

Whew! This past weekend was quite the busy one!  We went to a comedy show Saturday night with some friends (SUPER awesome btw), and then on Sunday Adam took me to see the Radio Christmas Spectacular at the Rosemont theater.  It was gloriously wonderful and really put me in the Christmas spirit, which is good because Christmas is almost here! I’M SO EXCITED!!!! Ok, now that I have that out of my system onto to today’s topic!

Today I will be finishing up my thoughts on the RDA.  Last week I wrote about two of my bigger issues with the RDA and I will finish that list up today.

My third issue with the RDA is that it is literally impossible for a person to follow perfectly.  There is no way that you can consume enough food throughout the day to fulfill the daily requirement.  You would be constantly eating a large volume of food.  But wait Katie, we have these wonderful things called supplements that can give us all those missed nutrients.  You’re right, and while I have no problem with proper use of healthy supplements, I do have a problem with people just taking pills to meet their health needs.  Eating your vitamins and minerals are much better for your body than getting them in pill form.  There can be a lot of unnecessary and dangerous additives to some supplements and it is just a better better to eat your nutrition.  Again, I am not a doctor or nutritionist and I am not bashing vitamins.  There are a lot of good ones out there, you just need to be willing to put the time and effort into finding them.  Always be an educated consumer!  Now back to the RDA side of this, the overwhelming amount of food you would need to eat can make it really hard to get motivated to eat properly.  This essentially defeats the purpose of the RDA, which is to promote people to eat a better diet and make sure they are getting sufficient nutrition.  You don’t want people to give up before they even start, which is why it is a good idea to sit down with someone and work out an eating plan that best works for you.  It is possible to get all the nutrition that you need, but you will have to do a certain amount of work to get there.  Which now leads into my last issue…

Utilizing the RDA to your benefit does take some time and effort and unfortunately most people do not want to do that.  Why do you think easy to follow “miracle” diets do so well?  Because they promise fast results and are generally easy to follow.  This isn’t really the case with the RDA.  I’m very into proper nutrition and eating well and even I have a hard time diving into that really long list and figuring it all out.  I understand that the government has done the best it can to get this important information out there and it is impossible to make it so every single person can easily and quickly get their individual needs met.  But I do think they can work to make it a little easier for first time users.  We want people to be excited and encouraged to start eating healthy, not discouraged and hesitant to start because it looks too hard.  On the flip side of this, eating healthy is NOT an easy thing.  It takes time, will power, practice and yes, sometimes failure, to properly feed your body.  It is a tough road and can be a long journey to get to where you want to be nutritionally.  So don’t think that I am making the argument that the RDA needs to be made easier so you can be lazy when it comes to your health.  I am just saying that it needs to be more accessible to the general population to get them started on the path to better eating.

That wraps up my humble thoughts and opinions on the RDA.  I think that it at it’s core, it really is a helpful tool.  But remember that it is just that, a tool.  You will have to work to use it to your advantage as well as understand that it is not the say all, end all when it comes to nutrition.  I have been eating clean for almost a year now and I still have to struggle through certain aspects of eating healthy.  Like I said it is a long journey and sometimes a rough one.  That is why it is important to reach out to others who are trained professionals or who have had that experience.  We can all help each other out and in the process improve our lives!  I hope that you all have a fantastic week!  Make sure to do something to get you in the Christmas spirit since it’s almost here!  I know that I will definitely be drinking some of this delicious cocoa to get me in the Christmas-y mood!