No need to reinvent the wheel

I wanted to give you guys one more post using myself as example on how to eat healthy throughout the week. Last week I wrote about what I do to prep food to eat well throughout the week. Today I wanted to share some of the meals that I usually make during the week to give you an idea of how easy it is to have healthy meals every day. Like I said last week, you don’t have to create elaborate meals just to eat well. Simple, quick meals make it easy to get delicious food on the table and won’t make you feel overwhelmed come feeding time!

So without further adieu let’s get started with…

I am not afraid to admit that I am very boring when it comes to breakfast. Six out of seven days I eat the exact same thing. I have found a combination that is healthy, tasty, and keeps me full and fueled until lunch. Why mess with that?


I normally have one egg, one cup pumpkin mixed with natural peanut butter, and topped with flax/chia seeds, cinnamon, and buckwheat groats. I also have hot tea and a banana. All in all this takes 15 minutes to make in the morning and I can get on with my day.


On Saturday’s I usually make pancakes or waffles for Adam and I. It’s nice to have a little change in our breakfast and who doesn’t love pancakes? There are a TON of healthy and delicious pancake recipes out there, so you just have to find one you enjoy. These are made with almond flour and I usually add cinnamon/ginger/clove/nutmeg spice to add a little extra flavor. I usually top my pancakes with almond butter, while Adam likes to use maple syrup. It’s a super yummy breakfast and again keeps me full until my next meal. My tips for breakfast are to find a meal that is easy to put together and that you enjoy, whether that is scrambled eggs, a smoothie, or protein waffles, just make sure you eat something. For me, a good breakfast helps me eat well throughout the rest of the day. Just find what works for YOU.


I don’t actually have any pictures of our lunches throughout the week, but they are leftovers from dinner. We usually add in fruit (pears, apples, grapes, etc.), veggies (carrots) and raw almonds. Adam also takes a hard-cooked egg for a mid-morning snack. Leftovers are SUCH an easy way to have lunches ready throughout the week and just like that you have a meal ready without having to think about it!


This tends to be the meal that causes a lot of stress with those who are trying to eat healthy. Most of the time, you’ve just gotten home from work and everyone is hungry and you have a limited amount of time to get food on the table before the natives get restless. But using advice I gave last week, if you plan out a menu and stock up on a few things dinner doesn’t have to cause you stress or make you reach for a conveinent meal like frozen pizza or take out. All of these dinners were made with things that I had on hand and took 30 minutes or less to put together and make.


This was Monday’s meal.  I made a simple marinade (soy sauce, rice vinegar, tahini, ginger, and garlic) for a piece of frozen salmon and roasted/steamed a bunch of vegetables.  I also had brown rice already cooked from the weekend.  Every night I try to roast up a bunch of veggies to be used with other meals or lunches.  My go to method for pretty much any roasted vegetable is to cut into bite size pieces, drizzle with a little (not a ton) of oil (usually olive oil or coconut oil), season with whatever spice strikes my fancy and bake in the oven at 400 for 20-30 minutes.  Make sure you rotate the veggies half-way through and they are done when they are a little brown around the edges.  Simple, quick and delicious!


Like I said, I roast A LOT of vegetables throughout the week.  We have cabbage, sweet potatoes, beets, parsnips, turnips, rutabaga, green beans, and carrots.  Experiment with a bunch of different veggies and see which you like the best! And make sure you save some for leftovers!


Another thing that I like to do for a weeknight meal is a skillet scramble.  This pretty much involves throwing random things from my fridge into my trusty cast iron skillet.  See what I mean about not getting all fancy schmancy with your meals?  This scramble contains cooked lentils (made over the weekend), new potatoes, onions, a little tomato sauce, and seasonings like oregano/basil/thyme.  Quick and full of good for you ingredients!




On the weekends I always make crock pot meals.  This way I don’t have to be cooking over the stove for a long time and I get a bunch of leftovers for the weeks lunches.  These two dishes are sloppy joes and honey lentils.  You can find the recipes over on my Pinterest page under the Slow Cookin’ board.

I know that preparing and cooking every single meal can seem overwhelming and complicated and make you want to head for the hills, especially if you have never really cooked before.  The best advice I can give you is to just start small.  Pick one meal to focus on, like breakfast.  Experiment with a few dishes and see what works the best for you and makes you feel good.  Once you have breakfast down pat, move on to the next meal.  Once you get your rhythm and find dishes that are easy to make and taste delicious, you’ll realize how easy eating well can really be!  Eventually you can even be creating some healthy recipes of your own based on the tastes and flavors you have come to enjoy!

I hope you enjoyed getting a little sneak peek into my kitchen these past few weeks, and that I was able to help you start thinking about how to eat healthier.  While I probably won’t keep posting all my meals on my blog, I do have an Instagram account that you can follow to get updates and recipes, my username is ktdaws12 .  You can also follow me on Pinterest and Twitter for even more healthy recipes and tips on nutrition.  I know that there is a lot of information out there regarding your health and I just want to be a tool and resource to help you find your own way.

If you have any questions about my meals or anything else, don’t hesitate to ask!  I am here and willing to help you out in any way I can!  I hope that you all have a fantastic week and I’ll talk to you soon!