Foodie Penpals Reveal Day

This month I participated in an event started by Lindsay over at The Lean Green Bean called Foodie Penpals.  It was my first time joining in and it was fabulous!  The basic idea is that bloggers and readers can sign up to become “penpals”.  You get matched with a different person and you send them a box full of delicious food things.  It is a really great way to connect with other bloggers as well as get some yummy things to eat!  If you want a full description of how things work or if you want to join in for June (you really should!) then visit Lindsay’s blog here.  Now for what I got in my box!

My Penpal was Christie and it was also her first time joining in on all the Foodie fun!! She was also from Illinois/Chicago area so that was a neat coincidence.

photo (4)

In my box I had 2 Larabars, which were DELICIOUS! I love Larabars and didn’t even tell her that they were my favorite, so that was a nice surprise.  I also got dried raspberries, which make a great quick and healthy snack, 3 packets of almond butter (chocolate, honey, and regular), a gluten-free chocolate bar, and Tazo orange tea.  The almond butter packets made it about a day before they were gone, I love me my nut butters!  The tea is a really great flavor, especially for summer.  It’s nice and light and makes for a good ending to a long, hot day!  Both Adam and I really liked the dried raspberries, especially since the only ingredient was raspberries.  We will definitely be looking for those around here….

I loved everything in my box (thanks Christie!) and can’t wait to join in for June!  If you want to get involved in the fun, just sign up here by June 4th.  I promise it is really fun and super easy to participate!