When Self-Care Stops Caring

This is NOT going to be a post railing against self-care because I am a HUGE supporter of self-care.  I think it’s something that everyone needs to do and I think it is a missing component in many people’s healthy living/seeking routines.

That said, there are times when self-care is the exact opposite of care and that is a problem.


Adults need stickers too!

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From Sunset to Sunset

We’ve lived in our new apartment for just about five months now and the views from our window never cease to amaze me.  Especially around sunset.  We are on the West side of our building and up on the 8th floor so we get some great sunsets.  I know that most people can see a sunset from just about anywhere, but our last apartment was on the interior of the building for the past three years I stared into my neighbor’s window.

I wasn’t creepy.  No one lived there.  But still.  Not the greatest of views. From Sunset to Sunset | Life Healthfully Lived Continue reading

Look at My Cats…. and My Weekend

You know what I’m really bad at?  Taking pictures of things other than food.  I either never remember to take pictures while doing other things or feel awkward pulling out my camera in a crowd of people.  Which is ridiculous because chances are most of them are taking pictures too.

While this isn’t a huge problem, it does mean I rarely have pictures to show you when I do my posts about my weekend.  Which is a bummer because a picture is worth a thousand words or something like that.  Look at My Cats... and My Weekend | Life Healthfully Lived Continue reading