Thai Cauliflower Crumbles

Ah, the humble cauliflower.  Back at it again to make life awesome.  Seriously, who would think that a cauliflower could do so many things?  Not I, my friends.  Not I.

Anywho, I wasn’t going to share this recipe in its own post because it’s a part of Friday’s recipe.  But after I made it and tried it I decided it was good enough.
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8 Things I Learned on an 8-Mile Hike

This past week I’ve been in Hoffman Estates dog-sitting Bronson.  The weather has been ABSOLUTELY gorgeous and it feels like summer.  I love it.  Right near my sister and brother-in-law’s place is a forest preserve and every time I drive by it I think, “I should take Bronson over there and go for a walk.”

Well, on Saturday Adam came out here and we decided a hike in the forest preserve would be a great way to spend the day.  It was beautiful, sunny, and Bronson was ready to go.

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