Rain, Rain… You Can Stay

For some reason, I am totally fine with rain during the Fall.  I relish it, in fact.  A rainy day in the Fall is the perfect excuse to stay inside, read, drink hot tea, bake all the things, and pretty much just act like a hermit.

The only time I don’t like rain in the fall is when it cancels roomie reunion plans. Rain, Rain... You Can Stay | Life Healthfully Lived Continue reading


When Self-Care Stops Caring

This is NOT going to be a post railing against self-care because I am a HUGE supporter of self-care.  I think it’s something that everyone needs to do and I think it is a missing component in many people’s healthy living/seeking routines.

That said, there are times when self-care is the exact opposite of care and that is a problem.


Adults need stickers too!

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Chef Free Meals

I remember when I was younger and learning how to cook, my mom told me, “If you can read, you can cook.”  For the most, she’s right.  As long as you can read a recipe you can hobble together a meal.  Of course, there are fancy techniques and words and recipes that do require a little more know how, but that doesn’t mean you can’t cook. Chef Free Meals | Life Healthfully Lived Continue reading